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1879 Silver Dollar As A Sensible Investment

You might ask "Why on earth should I purchase silver bars? Why is it superior as compared with stocks, real estate and properties?" Well, my friend, here's the thing, you can purchase real estate but you do have to take into consideration that it requires quite a lot of upkeep, not to mention you have to pay taxes for it and it is a non-liquid asset. As you might already recognize that the property market is no longer predictable. And when you are looking at shares you have to understand that you are not buying stocks, you are purchasing a company and the purpose you're buying it is simply because it is profitable, but for how long? A practical investment nowadays is purchasing silver coins. There are two reasons for it: they demand little maintenance and their demand is very high.

Nowadays, there is a growing trend of purchasing gold and silver coins. Switch on the TV; you will notice that the bullion prices have gone through the roof. Silver can be a quite successful investment.

Silver became very popular with the investors in 2008 when it out performed gold in the market for last two years. Coin collecting is a common hobby and you must already understand that coins are made of silver and gold. There are a lot of hobbies out there but collecting coins is easily the most worthwhile. You will be addicted to collecting coins when you start. Now one of the most well-known coins for collectors is the 1879 Silver Dollar.

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The 1879 Morgan silver dollar includes five mints which represent a city and these had six different versions. George Morgan created this coin. The 1879 silver dollar is among the most common collectible coins. Coin dealers and collectors always examine the condition of coins. If your coin is of high quality it is ideal, if your 1879 dollar is greatly worn they have very small value, pretty much as close as the present value of silver. The 1879 Schoolgirl Silver Dollar is yet another creation of George Morgan. The coin has lady liberty with her face to the left and her hair tied with a ribbon and combed back.

What Does The Worth Depend On?

Nowadays the 1879 silver dollar value differs. Mintmarks play a huge role in deciding your coin's value. 1879 CC dollars were not produced on large scale and consequently they are quite rare these days. The value of an 1879 silver dollar also depends on the condition of the coin. Coin collectors and coin dealers normally prefer coins in perfect condition and if the condition of your coin is great, it can sell high.


Another crucial thing that decides the value of a coin are the mint marks. Coins produced at Carson City mint are marked as "CC". If it was produced at the San Francisco mint you will find an "S" engraved just below the ribbon. The coins from Philadelphia mint don't have any mint mark and the coins from New Orleans have an "O". The price can vary greatly from coin to coin for example some coins can not be sold for more than $31, but some coins can be sold for as high as $2,500.

Coin collecting is a pleasant and rewarding hobby. There is the fun of collecting coins and getting a piece of the national history. When collecting coins be sure to check for mintmarks and signs of deterioration as this also establishes the silver dollar's value.
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